Dumball Rally

Monday, 19th December 2016

We are proud to be sponsoring Anna from PLOTT Creative, our Marketing Partners, on her charity expedition in January 2017 when she will be taking part in the world famous ‘Dumball Rally.’ Raising funds for The Teenage Cancer Trust, Anna’s team “The Camel Sutra’s,”  will be flying out to Delhi where they will be met by a fleet of old, mechanically unreliable Indian Jeeps. They will then drive them for thousands of miles on the world’s toughest road facing the … read more

On-vehicle power conversions: benefits and considerations

Thursday, 15th December 2016

When a business requires flexible mobile power, on-vehicle systems can be an ideal solution. Andy Jones, managing director of on-vehicle power specialist Winton, explains more about the benefits and considerations.
With an on-vehicle power system, vehicles are professionally converted so the power of the engine is used to drive auxiliary equipment, rather than carrying or towing a separate generator or compressor. On-vehicle power systems can provide compressed air, electric and hydraulic power, and even high pressure water jetting, and can therefore … read more